Online store open what the most profitable

Online store open what the most profitable

Li Shi nodded. “Yes. I think Boss Pei seems to be paying too much attention to Meng Chang. I don’t believe that he doesn’t have other intentions.”

“Now that Boss Pei has become Meng Chang’s creditor, it’s obviously easier to control him.”

“Meng Chang is very smart, but that also means that he is very resistant to being controlled. Boss Pei obviously knows this very well, that’s why he said ‘let nature take its course’.”

“you can’t rely on whips alone to tame wild beasts.”

“Obviously, the first thing Meng Chang would do after paying off his debts would be to look for investors to continue his business. He wouldn’t be willing to be a judgment debtor forever. He must be eager to create a new project to earn quick money to pay off his debts.”

“As long as Meng Chang has such a mentality, his future projects will definitely not succeed. It will only be a beautifully packaged scam. What Boss Pei looks down on the most are people who are unwilling to do honest work.”

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“Therefore, even if Boss Pei wants to use him, he would only use him when he has nowhere else to go.”

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Xue Zhebin asked, “Then, how can Boss Pei be sure that Meng Chang will run into trouble and have no way out?”

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Li Shi said, “Meng Chang is an executor now. The previous project has just failed. I don’t think any investors will believe him. On the other hand, Meng Chang is arrogant. After tasting the sweetness of his own entrepreneurship, he won’t take a liking to ordinary jobs.”

“The news of the Cold-Faced Lady’s bankruptcy has caused a heated discussion on the internet. I think Boss Pei will probably add fuel to the fire. As long as some details are revealed and Meng Chang is labelled as a liar, he would really have no way out.”

“At that time, Boss Pei would probably arrange for him to be in a suitable position.”

Xue Zhebin nodded slightly and agreed with this statement. However, he felt that something was amiss. “However, Boss Pei has so many talents under him. Why should he care so much about Meng Chang? Boss Pei doesn’t have to spend so much effort to make a cheat turn over a new leaf, right?”

Li Shi shook his head slightly and continued. “Obviously, Boss Pei has another more important goal – to send a warning to everyone!”