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How in the online catalog audiobook money

(It appeared, Soul dress!)

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The wall of absolute talent that always stands in my way – Soul Dress.

(The real battle starts from here on out…)

From here on, it is『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria’s real power.

「Here I come, Allen!」

「Aa, come!」

This is how the curtain finally raised on my and Idol-san’s battle.

Idol-san finally brought out her soul-dress〈Neba Glome〉.

(The battle thus far was just a prelude, so to speak. From here on out, it’s a real battle with everything we’ve got!)

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I focused on Idol-san with fighting spirit burning in my heart.

The moment I blinked, Idol-san, who was in the center of my vision, suddenly disappeared.


As I widened my eyes in surprise,

「-Over here.」

I heard her calm voice from behind.

I reflexively crouched as low as possible on the spot, and a side sweep flashed over my head.

And in succession, she delivered a powerful front kick.