Work that makes money on the Internet

Work that makes money on the Internet

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Who else would have so much power apart from Boss Pei?

Meng Chang recalled the scene when he took this promotional video to Boss Pei. Boss Pei had agreed to it without any hesitation. He even accepted the promotional video without any suggestions.

At that time, Boss Pei seemed to be smiling.

Meng Chang did not know what that smile meant at first, but from the looks of it, Boss Pei’s smile was obviously mocking him.

It was a smile that had everything planned out!

Meng Chang realized that Boss Pei had obviously seen through his little scheme. What shocked Meng Chang the most was how Boss Pei guessed his thoughts.

There were only two possibilities for such a situation to occur.

The first was that Boss Pei had already planned to turn Bunny Tail Live-Stream into an intellectual live-stream platform. He had predicted that Meng Chang would advertise this way. Everything was within Boss Pei’s expectations.

The second was that Boss Pei did not have a very clear plan for the content of Bunny Tail’s live-stream previously. He only saw Meng Chang’s promotional video and counter-attacked. At the last minute, he decided to turn Bunny Tail’s live-stream into an intellectual live-stream platform.

Both possibilities were very terrifying to Meng Chang!

Didn’t this mean that he was really like Monkey Sun, thinking that he had run far enough but still could not escape from the palms of Buddha?

What was even more terrifying was that Meng Chang felt that the second possibility was very slim.

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That was because live-streaming was obviously one of Tengda’s core businesses. It could be linked to games, GPL, and other businesses under Tengda. According to Boss Pei’s strategic character, Bunny Tail Live-stream was definitely a project that was highly valued and prepared for a long time.

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How could such a project rely on improvisation to change its original direction and create an intellectual live-stream platform?

It was too childish and did not conform to Boss Pei’s usual strategies.

Meng Chang felt that Boss Pei should not be so bored. He specially changed the entire business model and development direction of such a core live-stream business just so that he did not need to give himself a high commission.

Therefore, the first possibility would be higher!

Boss Pei had already thought of making Bunny Tail Live-Stream a unique knowledge-stream platform from the beginning. He also calculated that Meng Chang would create a “special” promotional video under the interest of the high commission.