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Honestly… and then she goes and agrees with me.

That said, even though it was the midterm exams, the questions were relatively simple, so a plethora of perfect scores composed the final names on the results. Other classes must have also gotten very high marks on this exam.

“As you can see, the number of people who’ve dropped out due to this exam is zero. Everyone overcame this exam without any issues.”

Chabashira-sensei was upfront with her praise for her students. It appears that there was no need to criticize us, as her attitude reserved.

“Obviously. I'm looking forward to next month’s personal points, sensei!”

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With his elbows on his desk, Sudō got into the swing of things and spoke confidently.

Chabashira-sensei responds to his attitude with tolerance, without changing her smile.

“Well, there were no problems in particular during the sports festival, so it should be nice to expect some amount of private points in November. In the three years since I’ve arrived at this school, I have never seen a Class D that’s managed to sustain zero dropouts for as long as you have. Well done.”

Chabashira-sensei praised the class. Until today, she had never shown this type of attitude to us. Because of this, many of the students were very hesitant to accept this rare situation for what it was.

“Being praised by you makes me feel uncomfortable.”

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Those who are seldom praised are typically more embarrassed when they receive it.

Horikita, however, showed no signs of carelessness. Of course, it was great that nobody failed, but she knew that Chabashira-sensei wasn’t the type of person who would end the conversation with praise.

The more gentle her attitude, the weirder the situation became.

Her tied ponytail swayed charmingly as she quietly began to move.

Sensei walked a lap around the classroom, slowly passing between the rows of desks.

When she arrived at Ike’s seat, Chabashira-sensei stopped and said:

“You’ve overcome one exam without incident, so I’ll ask you again, what do you think of this school? I’d like to hear your evaluation.”

“Well… It’s a good school. You can get a lot of spending money if everything goes well for you. The food and everything is delicious and the rooms are beautiful.”

And then he continued, counting off with his fingers.