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How to click on making money online

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Many new readers would first click on the books displayed on the homepage upon arriving at the website. This was because they normally represented the highest standard of the books in it.

When they read the book, they discovered this was the standard.

Of course, they would leave at once and never return.

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Pei Qian quietly observed all of these behind the scenes. He could not help but celebrate in his heart.

Excellent! Zhongdian Chinese Network has not let me down indeed!

Ma Yiqun-who only got thirty subscriptions for his first book-was placed together with a group of laymen who had zero understanding of the world of online literature. Now, everything was going as Boss Pei had expected!

Pei Qian decided not to do anything about Repent and be Saved’s official novel being placed on Zhongdian Chinese Network’s homepage. In any case, this novel would not attract anyone’s attention for now. Instead, it worked to dissuade readers from staying on the website.

It was infinitely valuable!

[1] This was a famous, funny advertisement for a game in China. In Mandarin, the tagline sounds like ‘I keep searching for a future with you’.

The next morning.

The male students of class A were gathered at the gymnasium to take a practical test.

「Fuuu… early morning in these clothes, is too cold.」

We wore white gym uniform and black shorts.

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This light clothing is a little too cold in the morning.

While we boys were waiting for the girls to finish changing clothes – the girls’ changing room door finally opened.


「Mou, I am shivering…」