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Pei Qian suddenly realized that #AEEIS# had become a hot topic on Weibo!

There were many related videos that showed the entire process of the owner arguing with AEEIS. There was also AEEIS’ “A Poem in a Second” video. AEEIS’ poems were completely different based on the keywords given by its owner. However, every single one of them rhymed. It sounded very cultured.

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Netizens expressed their shock.

“Has artificial intelligence developed to this extent?”

“AEEIS is the smartest artificial intelligence I’ve seen recently. It’s completely different from other artificial retards!”

“It’s fine if you can’t out-talk it, but you can’t even compare to its culture...”

“I suddenly feel that AEEIS’ setting is too attractive! This is a super genius with a high IQ but low EQ. It reminds me of the highly intelligent characters in many television dramas!”

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“Indeed, while it does make you speechless, who can deny that it is very smart? Usually, its answers are very concise, and its words are as precious as gold. However, it still answers every single question and fulfills every request of yours honestly. It is very intelligent. Not only can it completely suppress you in terms of logic, but it can also create poems according to your requirements!”

“A cold, slightly venomous-tongued, impeccable logical thinking, and talented artificial intelligence? Wow, I love this feeling of dualism!”

“It’s a pity that it does not have a concrete image. It would be perfect if it was a cute girl!”

“No, I think that this image is the most suitable! If the gender is confirmed and the speech is similar to a human’s voice, then there would be no personality. Is there a lack of similar artificial intelligence? It’s precisely because of it’s gender-neutral voice that it can better reflect the characteristics of artificial intelligence. What’s more, it’s very pleasing to both boys and girls!”

“I’m not listening. I want to create an image of AEEIS! Feminism is the way to go!”

“Then I want a male character which would suit a poisonous tongue better.”

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“I don’t think it has to have a gender. Isn’t it nice to have a pure artificial intelligence and mechanical image?”