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The designated area, J10, was not suitable for pitching a tent due to the strong wind and rocky ground. In that sense, I was going to avoid the seashore, as Ishizaki said, and I would go by I9 ……

"It's a great idea!"

Hiyori, who had just got up, approached me in agreement. These two people are relatively close to me and don’t have problems, but what about the others?

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"Isn't it good? Ayanokouji-kun seems quite harmless.” "I know."

And apparently, there was not a single objection. What can I say; I found the group to have such a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that I almost forgot that we were doing a very tough special exam.

This kind of environment is often seen in Ichinose's class, but it seems that Ryuuen's class is also starting to change little by little.

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"Ayanokouji-senpai, Ayanokouji-senpai …!"

In the middle of the night, while falling asleep, I woke up to a voice calling out to me. The voice was a silent whisper that could not be heard, and it came from right next to my tent. I checked my watch and it was around 2:30 in the morning.

"It's me, Nanase."

She comes over quickly and peers into my tent. The light from the tablet in the dark shows Nanase's terrified figure.

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"What are you doing here at this time…?"

“I'm fine; I was in I9 like you. In fact, I even saw you from afar at night, but since I was working with Housen-kun, so I decided to avoid contact. "

"There is something I need to tell you as soon as possible …Today… well, the date has already changed, so it was yesterday to be exact, but Housen-kun told me that on the twelfth day, the first years will make a great play on Ayanokouji-senpai. "

"A great play? It sure isn't the only thing." "No, no, let me tell you in order."

Nanase calmed her breathing and began to explain.

I'm not sure how many days passed, but Housen was summoned by Takahashi, Yagami, Tsubaki, and Utomiya, but he ignored them. However, on the ninth day, a student who appeared to be an errand boy for one of the group members showed up with a walkie-talkie and again asked for Housen's help.

. This is what he said. He wanted to force me to withdraw at the end of the uninhabited island exam. He also said that he intended to hunt down and remove seniors who were performing alone as well.