Online chess promotion to make money?

Online chess promotion to make money?

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The muscles of the orcs, the thick plate armor of the human knights, the flames rising from the demons...

All of these details were clearly displayed in front of the players. Coupled with the passionate music, it made their blood boil!

Immediately after that, every model that had been redone before and after was displayed. The heroes that he knew so well had all turned from mosaics to high-definition models. They looked ten times more handsome.

“A re-created character and animation!”

“A brand new map and battle!”

“New upgraded interface and map editor!”

“4K high resolution!”

“High-definition remake, return of the king!”

The bullet screen comments were filled with ‘awesome’ sounds.

“This cold rice smells so good!”

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“What a nice warning!”

“Buy them out of stock! Are you still human if you don’t buy it?”

“Gosh, the quality of this animation. Don’t tell me we’ve got to change computers again?”

“Buy a map game editor and give it to the game!”

“Don’t tell me they’re going to use the game engine of Galaxy 2 to remake it? That would be awesome!”

“It’s time to buy more tickets. We’ll still buy it no matter how much it costs!”

Pei Qian was completely relieved after watching the promotional video and seeing the players’ reactions.

There was definitely no problem!

This was a project that could be completed with one’s feet. Why would he worry about not being able to complete Mission and Choice?