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Do you sell green shell eggs online?

Akito would’ve quickly thrown in the towel.

Keisei pondered over her question seriously for a while before finally shaking his head.

“It’s impossible.”

“Impossible? What if you, like, threatened the entire class or something like that?”

“That would only be counterproductive.”

There were probably several students who expected Ryuuen to do just that.

Those who felt threatened would be able to cast their censure votes for Ryūen without reservation.

“Then what about gathering praise votes by prostrating yourself to the other classes?”

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“If Ryūen asked you, would you vote for him?”

“Eh~? I don’t think so…”

“That’s how it is.”

Keisei spoke in agreement, having Haruka prove his point for him.

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“Most people would come to the same conclusion you just did. After all, everyone already knows Ryūen’s usual behavior. There shouldn’t be that many weirdos out there who’d consider helping that guy.”

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“Then, how about a little bit of bribery or buying the votes from your classmates?”

“Even if we assumed that Ryūen has a large amount of points saved up, it doesn’t seem like he’d be able to buy enough votes. Oddly enough, not only has he made too many enemies, but he’s also given off the impression of being a troublesome opponent. I doubt that any of his classmates would be willing to sell him a praise vote for a little bit of money.”

“Then, doesn’t he still totally have a chance with the other classes?”

“No, not really. From the perspective of outsiders like us, wouldn’t it be easier to compete against Class D with Ryūen out of the picture?”

“Aah… Maybe you’re right. It was scary when we didn’t know what he was going to do next.”