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Literature online

He was not hoping that the film would generate any publicity for those brands, but he was afraid that someone would register the brand names after watching the film and try to demand compensation for copyright.

If they registered the names in advance, they could avoid such problems altogether.

Although there were many advertisements, most of them were very short. Thus, Zhu Xiaoce expected filming to only take about two weeks.

Only then could he say that he had truly poured his soul in creating this movie.

At Tengda Games…

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Ruan Guangjian heaved a long sigh. “Alright, the concept art and animations for the first batch of heroes are done.”

Li Yada clapped her hands and said, “Thank you, Boss!”

During this period, Ruan Guangjian had been working on various concept arts and animations for GOG’s heroes. He had made several trips between Jingzhou and Shanghai.

However, research and development of the game could be conducted in parallel with concept art design. Neither one process would hinder the other.

Ruan Guangjian’s job was to modify the character IPs that Tengda Games had bought over or create unique, original characters on his own. The Guardian of Justice, Modest, was one example of the latter.

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All in all, this was not an overwhelming task. After all, he did not have to create all the heroes from scratch. Most of the work only involved modification based on an existing drawing.

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As long as he understood the character’s special characteristics, he could make the necessary modifications to the original images. That was much easier than starting from scratch.