What are the methods for making money on the online 2017?

What are the methods for making money on the online 2017?

It would be the same as the previous idea, to cut expenditures and reduce resources. On the one hand, he had to increase daily expenditures as much as possible; on the other, minimize their target user groups and make less money.

First, do not earn anything from the hot-headed lazy bums!

Other gyms sell half-yearly cards and annual cards. The longer the time, the more discounts there would be. That was to take advantage of their hot-headed characteristics and use discounts to encourage them to apply for long membership cards.

However, these hot-blooded people generally could not sustain this effect. The longer they set it to be, the more they lost out.

Pei Qian decided to calculate the price for the day!

Other gyms are members who sell for half a year or a year and count whether they come or not. The membership that Pei Qian wanted to sell would only be deducted based on the day the customer came.

It was also impossible for the other gyms to refund the membership fees. They could only transfer the membership to others, which was very troublesome. The gym that Pei Qian wanted to open would allow the users to withdraw their balance in their accounts at any time.

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This way, the hot-headed lazy bums would not be able to give the gym more money!

Next, he would not earn a penny more from a whale!

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The other gyms were frantically selling private training sessions, providing better services for high-net-worth users to obtain greater profits.

Pei Qian decided not to sell any private training sessions.

All personal trainers would have the same benefits and wages and would not earn commissions.

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The personal trainers would be on standby all the time. They would answer any questions the clients had. They would also let them know if they see clients doing something wrong. However, they would never talk too much, let alone promote any courses. Want to find an exclusive personal trainer? Want to pay for a private training session?

Sorry, we do not offer one-to-one services.

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more satisfied he was.

This plan would shut out most of the clients’ money.

The hot-blooded would first be dissuaded by the high price. Even if they applied for the card on a whim, the balance could be refunded at any time.

Those who were rich and wanted one-on-one training would not be able to find such services here.

Those who really understood fitness would definitely choose cheaper gyms as long as there was equipment. There was no need to pay extra to come to this gym. The only people who were interested in such a model would be those who were slightly affluent, enthusiastic about exercise, and dismissive of hiring private trainers.