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“Boss Pei and I can be considered good friends. I have also made a trip to Jingzhou to try out one of Tengda’s new games as a hardcore player before. On top of that, I was warmly welcomed.

“Thus, I have to admit that my interests are connected to Tengda’s.

“However, I can assure everyone that every word I said in this video comes from my heart and was not influenced by money at all!

“As for how reliable I am or how much evidence I have... it’s very simple: you can assess the content and quality of the video!

“If I have been praising Thriller Hostel for the sake of it in my video, all of you will find out the truth when you visit Thriller Hostel and experience the projects for yourself. Then, the place would slowly become deserted anyway. That means that no matter how much they pay me, my video would still fail.

“However, if the opposite happens and everyone finds out that I’ve been making sense after experiencing Thriller Hostel for yourselves, then the place would become more and more popular like I predicted. That would prove how powerful my insight and judgment are!

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“We’ll let the outcome speak for itself. Please stay tuned, everyone!”

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Teacher Qiao paused for a moment in the video and began explaining the answer to the question he had raised earlier. As he spoke, various explanatory words appeared as well, so that it was easier for the viewers to follow him.

“Let me talk about the first question. Is Thriller Hostel nothing but a haunted house? Is the experience there really not substantially different from traditional haunted houses?

“All of you can take a look at my title. I think that Thriller Hostel is not a house of horrors but an interactive game in the form of an amusement park. The biggest difference between those two things is the interactive experience! What’s more, the most important part of this experience is the second and third projects!

“Many people only have a taste of the first project, without attempting the subsequent projects at all. Naturally, they would not be able to understand what makes the Thriller Hostel so special.

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“Most haunted houses in the country are stuffed with all the scary things one can think of, but the participation required of the visitors is low. When jump scares appear pop up suddenly and without any warning, the visitors’ minds often blank out. That’s the experience that one can expect in traditional haunted houses.

“However, Thriller Hostel is different. The entire experience is interactive from start to finish.

“Desperate Escape is a large-scale multiplayer game in real life. Every visitor’s heart rate would determine the color of their wristbands and change their identities, and all the staff acting as madmen would control the game’s direction according to the scene in front of them.

“Haunted House Nightmare requires you to conduct a series of interactions with all the props in front of you, and each interaction would give rise to different consequences.

“Ultimate Horror takes both of those to the extreme. All the staff inside would control and adjust the game according to your every move and the props that you carry. At the same time, all the props in the scene would be maximally and impressively utilized!

“That’s why I think that Thriller Hostel is an interactive game in the form of an amusement park. It is of much better quality than mindless haunted houses filled with all sorts of horrifying material, and its interactive experience is much better. On top of that, it is intricately connected to Tengda Games!

“Obviously, Tengda could only create an outstanding experience like that because it started off developing games. It has an excellent grasp of the gamer’s psyche, thus giving it an insurmountable advantage over other haunted houses!

“Many people who don’t understand horror would take it as a simple haunted house. However, that would be a grave misunderstanding!