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That’s because as we got closer to Belios Castle, the number of enemies shot up at once.

「Haa haa… these guys are so persistent!」

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「Kuh, no matter how many times I cut, there is no end to them!」

Ria and Rose, who used the power of their soul dress extensively, were already running out of breath.

If the battle continues like this, their spiritual power will run out before long.

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「A-As expected of the headquarters of the Black Organization, they won’t let us go so easily.」

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「If it goes on like this, it’s going to get dangerous, though…」

Fatigue clearly appeared on the faces of Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai, as they seemed to be running out of stamina.

(Damn, what should we do?)

Sebas-san is holding back Gregor.

Ria and the others can’t keep this up forever.

And, of course, the president is still not in a state to fight.

(If this situation… I have no choice but to do it…)

The burden on my body will be enormous, but…