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The women looked down for a moment at Denchok’s words...

“”””Are you kidding me?! What are you planning to do to the Assistant Instructor!?””””


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As a result, dozens of women stood up from the audience and rushed out.

What? Did that Denchok say something to offend the women right now?

“Ah, ahahaha...well, even though he was released after his sentence... yeah, it’s a little hard to trust him~...?”

“Uh huh, uh huh”

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And for some reason, Elder sis Tsukshi nodded with a bitter smile as if she agreed.

“Eh? Why? As I recall, the introduction says that that Denchok guy is an ex-convict, but is he someone who has committed a crime that makes him so untrustworthy?”

“Yes, big brother... Denchok... committed that.”

“?” [1]

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No one mentioned what the crime was, or rather, they seemed to be incredibly reluctant to say, but I guess they were just that averse to saying it out loud.

What the hell...

[Well, there were a lot of incidents, but let’s have some guards in the first aid room just in case. Then, moving on to the next one ... hmm? ... Wha what??!!... Eh!?]