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I took a deep breath and regained my cool.

(Leia-sensei was very cautious of Ferris-san. And Sid-san in front of me, is the swordsman that Ferris-san nominated as general.)

There must be something special in this stance that I can’t understand.

(If I rush in amateurly, I don’t know what kind of counter I’ll receive…)

Normally, if we continue to face-off against each other as is, we will fall into a state of stalemate. However, I have a convenient technique that I can use in situations like this.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

If it’s Flying Shadow which I shoot unilaterally from a long distance without closing the distance, I can see how the opponent will react.

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(Now, how will you respond…!?)

The slash that flew in a straight line towards him – suddenly disappeared.


My eyes widened reflexively.

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(W-What happened…!?)

Sid-san hasn’t moved in the slightest from there. Despite that… my Flying Shadow suddenly disappeared without a trace.

(What does this mean…? What on earth did he do…?)

I firmly observed Sid-san but… even though he was in the middle of a match, he was yawning. There are no signs that he did anything at all.

(Maybe… he has already manifested some kind of soul dress!?)

That is more convincing. Soul dress has various abilities such as the〈Hell Hundred〉from before. There will surely be abilities that completely disable the kind of flying slashes and flying tools.

(Anyway… One more time!)