How to do live online

How to do live online

“At least, my heart wasn’t ready for it…”

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“Then, are you ready for it this time?”


With that, she nodded her head and closed her eyes, showing a gesture of acceptance, and I kissed her again.

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The previous two kisses only lasted for a second or so, but this time was different.

Five seconds, ten seconds and longer.

And then, moving our lips little by little, we repeated the kiss like little birds pecking at one another.

In that passage of time that felt like only Kei and I were frozen in place…

It was the last day of the summer vacation of our second-year in high school. Kei and I learned about kissing and took another step forward together.

The first half of the curriculum of love had finished and we moved into the second half.

From now on, we would go about our school lives with pride as lovers.

By doing that, it was possible that we may get into a bit of trouble.

Even so, we would face up to the challenge hand in hand.

Slowly but surely, one step at a time, as the seasons change from summer to autumn, from autumn to winter.

Our relationship would be imbued deeper and deeper and become indispensable to us.

While tasting her lips repeatedly, my thoughts involuntarily drifted off into the distant future.

Before long, when the season of farewells approached, this romance would enter its final phase───

Because it’s a given that it will face an arduous trial.