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“In the previous class, the authors could only write and check their information. They could not do anything else. In this inspiration class, the authors could only do things related to collecting inspiration. They could only write for two hours every day for eight hours.”

Ma Yiqun was stunned again. “Huh? This...”

How was this an inspiration class? It was obviously a pleasure class and a slacker class!

One of the most important reasons why the study class had been successful before was that the “small dark room” could allow authors with poor self-control to concentrate on writing in this environment. That was how many outstanding works were born.

However, now, everyone could watch movies if they wanted to. They could play games if they wanted to. Not only were they not locked up in the dark room, but they were also restricted to writing for two hours a day.

Wasn’t that encouraging them to slack?

What’s more, Boss Pei had also said that this inspiration class was mainly targeted at authors who had decided to write custom-made novels. These people’s requirements for updating were very low to begin with, and their creativity would probably not be high. He had also arranged a comfortable and enjoyable environment for them...

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These people were probably going to be crippled!

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They were the top writers and pillars of Zhongdian Chinese Network. If they were to become useless, not only would it affect the website’s income, but it would also affect the number of outstanding works and readers’ comments on the website...

Ma Yiqun hesitated for a moment and said, “Boss Pei, isn’t this environment too relaxed?”

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Pei Qian sniggered. “That’s right!”

“To these top writers, they have no lack of skills or skills. If they want to improve, they need more inspiration. They need to slow down and work hard!”