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“Uh, didn’t he rejected me when I invited him to the club in the past? should I put it…It’s like he brutally broke up with me…Perhaps I should say when gaming and I were put onto the balance in his heart, I ended up losing…”

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Hoshinomori and I fell silent since we don’t know what to say.

Tendou was startled at our reactions. She immediately tried to smooth things over.

“N-No, now I understand Amano’s gaming style more than in the past. Honestly, I’m mentally prepared that there’s a 90%!c(MISSING)hance of rejection. It’s just that, for some reason…”

Tendou lowered her head slightly as she mumbled desolately.

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“For some reason, I’m afraid that he’ll reject me…more than me in the past…”


Hoshinomori and I can’t help but look at each other…To be honest, Hoshinomori and I immediately understood why Tendou’s getting more afraid to be rejected by Amano than in the past.

“…Tendou…she really love Amano…”

That’s because she loves him way more than in the past. That’s why his words weighted heavier. If he confessed his love, she’d be more delighted…On the other hand, now, if she has to hear his rejection, that would be really painful.

Tendou continued.