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There are not a lot of things I can promise for this series. But like I’ve mentioned before, this story is still a romantic comedy. So, it would be my honor if you can read the next volume joyfully. I’m looking forward to that.

Well, see you in the next volume!

Sekina Aoi

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Translator: your_pingas

Karen Tendou, she’s a girl that’s the best at everything right at the start.

She thought that a race is an art of dashing through the finish line brilliantly. She also doesn’t understand why playing the piano fluently will earn her praises, even though all she did was following the music scope. As for exams, she has seriously suspected whether writing something on a piece of paper can confirm anything.

Also, that’s why, when she…

No, when I’m in second grade, before I suddenly realized, “Hey, it looks like I’m better than others.” I’ve always-

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-I’ve always felt annoyed with everyone “going easy” for me.

This is embarrassing, come to think of it. But when I’m little, I believed with the bottom of my heart that everyone’s base stats Is the exact same. Winning and losing only come down to your condition on that day and the effort you’ve put in. People with a firmer determination to that field will have a higher chance of winning. In reality, the kids that lost to me have a high probability of saying, “it’s just that I’m not doing well today” or “this isn’t even my final form.” The younger me sincerely believed their words.

However, one time, …when I easily won over the girl that said she’s good at running. After we reached the finish line, she ran to her mother with tears in her eyes and sweat all over her body.

I’ve finally realized that it’s not “everyone” that’s weird. Instead, it’s me.

Since then, I feel “terrible” for all variety of competitions.

After all-

That looks like only I get to have a faster starting position than everyone in a race.