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“Yeah, but we already visited every iconic sports facility.”

I took out the floor plan from my bag and spread it out on the table. Just when I wanted to rotate the map so Tendou-san could see, she told me, “No, it’s fine.” before moving her seat next to mine.

She’s closing on me unexpectedly, I can smell her orange-like scent radiating from her hair.

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I embarrassingly tried to maintain our distance as I’m not used to being so close to someone that I can smell the scent.

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But then, maybe Tendou-san realized what I’m thinking, or she just did it naturally, she closed off our distance again…all I can do is to temporarily ignore this feeling, and focus on the floor plan.

“Um, well, I guess we’ve been to every place.”

“Yeah, it seems like you’re right…. Huh? Amano-kun, this floor...”

Tendou-san then pointed at the path connecting the other building of the complex. There are a lot of buildings here. However, there’s only one sports facility in that large building. As for what it is…

“Um, it’s a water park with swimming pools, water slides, and wave pools. But…”

To be honest, there’s no way I could’ve missed that iconic building, but I never intended to pick that in the first place since…

“It’s not good to get Tendou-san in a swimsuit right….not to mention we weren’t meant to go there anyway.”

An attractive girl with a swimsuit on…Honestly, while I’m certainly excited to see that, I feel like troubles will soon show themselves before I get to enjoy it. Also, even if we went there, there’s nothing competitive that Tendou-san can immerse herself in.

Therefore, just when I planned to forget the idea of going to the pool, Tendou-san then spoke like it’s nothing.

“It’s not easy getting here, why not we give it a try? Amano-kun.”


I accidentally hit my chair, then Tendou-san tilted her hair, confused.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”