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"No. I think this is the right thing to do. I tried to somehow lie my way out of this. But that was wrong. I'm sure Ayanokouji and Sotomura, and also Karuizawa would feel this is the right thing" Yukimura replied.

By saying that, he made himself out to look like the person who tried to safely secure points only for himself.

"...with this everyone should know the "target" is me. So you should've all arrived at an answer" he continued.

That's right, by clearing the exam together with everyone, the entire group can earn 500,000 points. The first outcome that seemed unachievable at first may be obtained now.

Ichinose nods her head once then once again, with more strength than before, she pleads with Class A.

"Please. Let's not waste Yukimura-kun's courage. Please cooperate with us. Don't betray us". "We were just following Katsuragi-san's instructions from the start. We won't do anything on our own" Machida replies to Ichinose.

He did say that, but before the end of the exam, there will be a period in which we will definitely have to disband as a group. Before the exam ends, for that blank period of 30 minutes, we must trust in not only our classmates but students of other classes as well.

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"I want to, I believe in everyone..." Yukimura says that as if it were a wish. And every class receives that equally. I wonder if the students who spent the same time together over the past few days have gained something resembling a friendship.

I wonder if they'll accept Yukimura's feelings, and be able to cooperate together to victory. No, such a thing is impossible. I'm sure with this, somebody will definitely turn traitor.

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And if so, we of Class D who have switched our phones amongst each other will surely win.

Yukimura must have surely believed in that. He must have been struggling to keep himself from bursting out in laughter. However, the pleasure he must have been feeling evaporated, when the phone Yukimura was holding in his hand suddenly rang and resounded in the room. Yukimura was the one shocked more than anyone else by the incoming call. In his rush to grab the phone back from the table, he stumbled and lost the phone from his hand. By a coincidence, with its screen the right side up, it fell right in front of us. Since it was in silent mode, it sent vibrations through the table as it continued to vibrate.

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The name of the caller was---'Ichinose'.