How to play gold flowers online

How to play gold flowers online

All in all, the mobile version of GOG looked to be doing very well. One could even say it was perfect! It was only lacking time. As time progressed, the game’s content would become richer. Naturally, things would only improve. Of course, it could also be overtaken by other mobile games in the future. Pei Qian looked at the game’s market and realized that it looked a lot like Ocean Stronghold’s market. However, there was no 888-yuan product for sale in GOG.

There were twenty-odd heroes in GOG. Each one had a classic skin and a brave skin. Apart from that, some heroes also have epic skins and legendary skins. However, not every hero had those. That was probably because creating legendary skins for all the heroes would require too much effort. In terms of pricing... Players would get all the heroes free of charge, but there was a proficiency system in place. Once trained to a certain point, players could use the heroes to fight other players. Otherwise, they could only use the heroes to play against the computer. The brave skins would only be given to players once they have maxed out their proficiency. The model and splash art would be completely different, and there would be some additional unique effects. Epic skins were sold for 18 yuan. The models and effects would be completely different, and there would be more particle effects. There would also be a few additional voice-overs. Legendary skins were sold for 45 yuan. The models would look exquisite, and there would be unique animations, voice-overs, and special effects. Gamers would find them worth every cent, for sure.

Apart from those, there would also be limited edition skins, which gamers could obtain through various methods. For example, they would have to play the game for a set amount of time or compete for a certain number of times.

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In that way, it was similar to Ocean Stronghold. The skins would not change the heroes’ stats; they would just make the heroes look cooler.

However, there were no other purchase options.

After looking at the prices, Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

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It’s alright, it’s alright. I can accept those prices. The Tengda spirit was still proving effective!

Pei Qian thought that the pricing strategy alone could prevent him from earning too much from the game!

The market had obviously been modeled after Ocean Stronghold’s successful market. A lot of the rewards could be earned if gamers just spent more time in the game. Moreover, the most expensive skin only cost 45 yuan. The game was very good-hearted indeed. “It’s a good thing that the prices have not been set too high. GOG shouldn’t have too many players in the beginning. That means any revenue generated should be within an acceptable range...” Pei Qian could not help but play another round. Once he was done, he bought Modest’s Dan Dao Hui skin.

“Ai, all things aside, this rotten game is really quite fun...”

This was the first time Pei Qian was playing a game like that on his mobile ever since he traveled back.

Although he had played Gods Rising before, he had only done so on the computer. To a lightweight player like Pei Qian, the mobile version of GOG was much more user-friendly.

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After two rounds, Pei Qian suddenly realized that turning the game into a mobile game was not necessarily a bad thing. Although it was more burdensome for him and it would generate more revenue, this world would now have MOBA games on mobile. He would also have his own unique skin.

Having one more fun thing to do was not a bad thing! As he explored the game, Pei Qian noticed an advanced option in a noticeable location on the settings page. “Eh? High-frame-rate mode?”

Without thinking too much, Pei Qian clicked the option. Obviously, a high-frame-rate mode would prove more effective in competitive games like GOG. Although it would consume more battery and heat up one’s cell phone, it would be worth it as long as it improved one’s gaming experience. Yet, after clicking on it, Pei Qian realized that the option was gray. A notification window popped up instead. “The high-frame-rate mode would only be available if your cell phone’s screen has a high refresh rate. The Otto E1 cell phone is recommended for a better gaming experience.”

The notification window only remained for a short while before it disappeared.