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By the time I noticed, they were close to my nose tip.


The moment she cried out, dazzling light filled the whole area and an explosion of unprecedented scale occurred.

Clouds of dust rolled up, and momentary silence dominated the place.

「Fuu, I definitely caught you…!」

Together with Claude-san’s voice, who was convinced of victory,

「Doesn’t this look really bad…?」

「If you get hit with something like that directly, there won’t even be a trace remaining…」

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「O-Oi, Allen… Are you alive?」

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I heard the uneasy voices of my classmates.

「-Aa, of course.」

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I answered briefly, and swept away the clouds of dust with darkness as proof.

「That’s Claude-san for you. Power, quantity, speed, everything is remarkably different. But, I’ve grown a little too, you know?」

The output of the dark robe seems to be much higher than her swallow and raven.

「I-Impossible…! Unharmed after taking that current explosion? No, before that… What is that sinister power!?」she exclaimed, pointing to the dark robe that clad my body.

「Aa, come to think of it… This is the first time I’ve shown it to Claude-san.」

It would not be appropriate for me to know of her ability, and her not knowing of mine in a fair duel.