Online help businesses make money selling brush fly it

Online help businesses make money selling brush fly it

Short videos could be updated and renewed and draw steady traffic to a site. Furthermore, they could be broadcasted all over the internet. The IP value they generated from three seasons, as well as the reputation they earned, was all bargaining chips they could use with video websites.

However, documentaries were different.

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Firstly, people would not keep an eye out for them.

Secondly, they could not be updated, and so they would not be able to draw steady traffic to the video websites. Naturally, video websites would not be interested in signing for exclusive broadcasting rights. The most they would do is offer a basic incentive plan —the kind that offered about twenty to thirty yuan for every ten thousand views.

Thirdly, they could not accept advertisements. That meant they would not be able to find sponsors.

Documentaries were very serious. They were real and therefore meaningful. They could not possibly show interviews of eSports players and then broadcast an advertisement -“Want to win? Take Aofeng.”-halfway through the interview.

One could say that most documentaries are not profitable. Only a few documentaries were exceptions to this rule.

Take A Bite of China[1], for example.

When Pei Qian first heard that Huang Sibo was interested in doing documentaries, he was worried that they would produce something like A Bite of China. However, he could now be sure that that was not the case.

That was reasonable. Zhu Xiaoce was talented, but he was not a transmigrator. To create something wildly popular once was talent. To consecutively create wildly popular films was cheating.

At this point, Pei Qian was very relieved.

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It was not important to discuss exactly how they were planning to film this documentary now. As long as Pei Qian could invest a huge amount and reap little in return, he would consider this a good project.

Pei Qian’s expression immediately became very warm. “Lose all our hard-earned money? That’s not a problem. With me funding Fei Huang Workspace, relax and do what you want to!