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“Oh, Earth! Hey, just come quietly now!”

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Father grabs my wrist and tries to take me in.

However, I could not agree to that.

As if I would be taken in like this, so I waved off my father’s hand.

“Tell me everything? What? Like there’s anything left to say now? When you finally looked at me, you’re looking with such eyes …. if my father and mother looked at me better, they’d understand! If you two actually looked at me…. what I bumped into, struggled with, agonized over… if the world hadn’t imposed a convenient title on me… it would have been things like that!”


“So, what’s wrong with me right now? I didn’t cheat, I didn’t have a hand in anything suspicious! I trained and studied, I fought with my own strength! Only to have you have to look at me like that! I hit a wall, and I didn’t know for a long time that everyone says the second generation is a lost cause, or that we’re not enough. Even though I finally got here… Why!”

I didn’t know what I was talking about from there.

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“The war ended before I was born… don’t drag my generation along, push us forward!”

I couldn’t calm down, and I put into words everything I had emotionally bottled up.

Because I already know…

“Now I understand. This country…… including my father… me… no one cared about Earth Lagann.”