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“I decided to not trust genetics anymore.”

“Very well, let’s have some fun with onee-san at home, Amako.”

“I’m sorry.”

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I immediately bowed down and apologized. There’s already no self-esteem to talk about.

Main-san shrugged helplessly. …Then, she suddenly smiled for a second.

“She’s a person that likes to take care of others sincerely. She always hums songs while sweeping the floor, and she’ll comfort Mii when she’s crying at midnight. Also, she’ll smile at my weird words- my sarcasm. She also irons my father’s shirts diligently while sweating…”


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“So, she’s a pretty good mother in the end, right. …Mii still really loved her.”


The fact that she added Mii at the last part stopped me from joking with her, even though we’re hostile.

Main-san continued.

“Then, in comparison, my father is an easy-to-understand working class. Of course, he’s not at home usually. Even when he is, he doesn’t show any interest in his daughters. He’s the type that focuses more on logic than emotions.”