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He slowly surveyed the second-years in the audience, his usual faint smile stretched across his face.

“I am Tsukishiro, your Acting Director. This uninhabited island exam is proving to be the most unprecedented, largest-scale special exam yet. So, while it’s only natural that you should think to brace yourselves, I ask that you make sure not to lose sight of what it means to be a student.”

As he addressed the crowded theater, his eyes momentarily stopped, locked in my direction for a fraction of a second.

A slight pause that went unnoticed by the rest of the students.

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“I have just a few words of caution for you all. As both your guardian and protector, the school strives to ensure your safety and wellbeing to the greatest extent possible. But even so, it simply isn’t possible for us to keep tabs on everything that happens while you’re on the island. There’s a rather… sensitive matter that seems to happen all too often these days due to the differences between boys and girls.”

The several school faculty members listening on the sidelines seemed a little shaken by the fact that Tsukishiro had broached such a topic.

“In the event of sexual misconduct, the school will not hesitate to impose severe penalties, including immediate expulsion. Furthermore, if we judge that it was done with malicious intent, we will also report the matter to the police. Please be sure to remember this.”

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While he didn’t state it outright, he was essentially telling us to keep it in our pants.

Expulsion was already a big enough deal on its own, but with police being thrown in on top of that, it should serve as more than enough of a deterrent.

“Oh, and one more thing. As your stay on the island gets longer, tension and bitterness can understandably begin to build up. The shortage of food and water can, at times, lead to altercations between students. When it comes to such disputes─ my personal policy is to look the other way, at least to a certain extent.”

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His words brought forth a strong reaction, not from the students in the audience, but the faculty members around him.

Tsukishiro’s policy didn’t seem to line up with the school’s.

Mashima-sensei drew close and whispered something into Tsukishiro’s ear.

If I had to guess, Mashima-sensei was probably telling him not to say something so self-serving.