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Online moving goods to make money

Chen Sha controlled the protagonist and walked to the nearest door.

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The protagonist moved slowly. Occasionally, his vision would turn blurry. His right hand swayed along with his movements, but his left hand stayed on his abdomen. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling well.

When he reached the first door, he tried pushing it open but failed. It seemed as though the door was locked or that something was blocking the door from the other side.

He came to the second door. There was a digital lock on it. He needed an access card to unlock the door.

Chen Sha then controlled the protagonist again. With heavy steps, the protagonist approached the corpse pile again and walked towards the third door which was the furthest among the three.

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Looking from afar, the door seemed to be partially open and accessible.

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The surroundings seemed to quiet down. Only the protagonist’s breathing sounds and footsteps could be heard.

At that moment, a corpse suddenly lunged at him from the middle of the corpse pile and grabbed the protagonist by his right leg. It stretched its mouth wide open and bit on the leg!

The protagonist screamed in agony. The sides of the display turned red. It meant that the protagonist was being attacked!

August 17th, Wednesday...

At the DGE Esports Club...

Yesterday, after hearing that Boss Pei had agreed to sell Huang Wang, Team Leader Su immediately decided to make a trip down to Jingzhou today to sign the contract.

It was very rushed, but it had to be. If he waited any longer, he could lose such a good member!

Team Leader Su had come well-prepared. The club’s boss had given orders that, no matter what, he had to buy Huang Wang over!

If negotiations failed, they would pay more. If that failed, they would use the emotional card. If everything failed, they would hug Boss Pei’s leg and cry. In short, H4 had set its mind on setting the transfer of membership fees extremely high, without any regard for the cost.

That was because the H4 Club could already feel the change in wind direction.

GOG was entering the international market extremely strong, and Tengda was casually distributing huge sums of money. Tengda was organizing an international invitational competition for GOG with a sky-high first prize. Live-stream platforms were beginning to sign GOG players and offering them very attractive sign-on fees...