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how much money do vets make

Pei Qian was furious when he saw He An’s message.

Admirable my a*s!

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This old man was really interesting. I haven’t even settled the score with you and you came to provoke me on your own!

Speaking of this, Pei Qian was speechless. Back then, he had racked his brains for ways to incur losses in the game. However, he had failed time and time again. He had almost given up.

At that moment, He An, the Guiding Lantern appeared!

Pei Qian had followed He An’s theory and created Struggle. He had thought that it would be a sure win, but he did not expect it to be a positive loss. At the same time, he overturned He An’s game design theory.

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In the end, He An did not believe him. Pei Qian asked him to design a game that would definitely fail. That was how Mission and Choice came about.

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He An had confirmed everything from the genre of the game, the background of the world, and the details of the gameplay!

Pei Qian’s free play had only given the game the name ‘Mission and Choice’, which was the same name as’ the shame of the game. ‘

Given the current situation, wouldn’t He An be the scapegoat?!

Pei Qian did not understand the current situation of Mission and Choice yet.

For such a huge investment game, a good reputation did not necessarily mean that it could make money. Small sales would not be enough. It had to make a huge hit and exit the industry in order to make money.