How to publish novels to online

How to publish novels to online

─ If I knew it would be this hard... I would not want to be born as a hero’s child

“Uh, uuuuh, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh!!!”

Has Earth been suffering from being our son, and we weren’t aware?

Certainly, I heard such a story.

When he entered the academy, because he couldn’t beat little Phianse, and he had nothing special unlike Fu or Rebal, he developed a slight complex.... ‘I’ve heard’.

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But what did I do by just ‘listening’?

He was agonizing, he was frustrated, and he hated himself.


I can’t stop crying.

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In this room... packed with over a decade worth of Earth’s memories.... I smell him just by being in this room.

But he’s not here.

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There is, everyday Sadiz, that girl keeps it tidy.... huh?


Then I saw the clothes hanging in the room’s closet.

It’s an Academy uniform.

“Uniform... Come to think of it, when he started school, the size of his new uniform was a little big, and everyone laughed.... Heh!?”

Then I noticed that I was looking at the uniform.