Make money on the Internet QQ

Make money on the Internet QQ

Translated by: Sads07

In the middle of nowhere..... rather, it was more like a hideout.

There was a small open space beyond the dense forest.

There was a house made of wood there.

“It’s a small house. Earth, is little, so it should be good.”

“I-Is that right. But, little is too much.”

It’s a huge ogre’s house, so certainly the doors and the height of the building are big.

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And, there were some fields around the house, and the hoes and so on for the farm work were bigger than my body.

“...... Mr. Aka, do you live alone?”

“Aah, I live alone.”

Alone. Apparently. He’s completely self-sufficient.

Well, there are animals in the forest, and if I can grow vegetables like this, I wonder if I can live alone.

“By the way, Earth... what’s ‘Mistah’ Aka?”

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“Huh? No..... what....”

What the heck? Is it weird to have ‘Mr.’?

“I mean, by all appearance I can only see you as a senior, and to discard it feels a bit awkward to me... oh, speaking in a polite manner is better than casual talk....”

He might be gentle, but I don’t have the courage to refer this strong ogre casually.... let’s not do that.

『If you assume to use ‘Mr.’ for those of higher station, why do you neglect it in my case?』