What to make money in Japan online part-time

What to make money in Japan online part-time

“Old Qiao, let’s play a round of GOG!

“We could also play Be Quiet if you want to.

“Old Qiao?

“That’s strange... why is Old Qiao so quiet today?”

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A few of Qiao Liang’s fans had been asking Qiao Liang to play games with them, but Qiao Liang had his headphones on in front of his computer. He did not seem to hear a single word that they were saying.

Instead, he was repeatedly refreshing the webpage to observe the number of views and other data on his newest video.

That’s not right! That wasn’t how things were supposed to go!

His newest video had not achieved the effect that he had imagined!

His videos under the Products of the Gods series had become viral on the day that they were uploaded. Within a few hours, they had also made it on the charts for the entire website and completely turned the games’ reviews around.

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Yet, his newest video had not achieved the same effect.

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Although it had served to publicize Thriller Hostel, it had not yet become viral, and the reaction was not as intense as he had imagined. Instead, many viewers continued to harbor a ‘wait and see’ attitude.

To Qiao Liang, this was an unbearable failure!

It was not that Qiao Liang had been confident in his latest video’s ability to become viral no matter how much effort he had put into it. If it had been about a game developed by any other designer, Qiao Liang would not have considered an ineffective video as a failure.

However, this was Boss Pei’s project!

From the bottom of his heart, Qiao Liang believed that Thriller Hostel was good and that Boss Pei had invested as much effort into it as he had for any other game. Yet, what did it mean that the video had not achieved its desired effect?