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Well, I’ll leave it at that for now.

With the official start of the summer vacation, all classes have temporarily stopped fighting and are in a state of truce.

From now on, it’s my turn to have as much fun as I can as a normal student. Until the other day, my pockets were empty, but when the class points were announced and the private points for August were given out, my wallet was suddenly full. Our class received 571 class points, or in other words 57,100 yen worth of private points were given to each person. Since I wasn’t able to get into the top rankings for additional rewards I didn’t receive any bonuses, but it was more than enough. Private points were essential for spending a fulfilling time on this luxury cruise ship. The system requires a minimum number of private points to enjoy a movie or meal of your choice, unlike last year where all of the facilities on the ship were free of charge. The rules are getting stricter. Of course, it doesn’t cost anything to spend the week holed up in a guest room with no money, but then it would be no different to living in your dormitory during the vacation.

Ping! There was a nice little sound and then an email arrived.

I received a message on my recently returned phone that the detailed results of the uninhabited island exam would be released at the resting place by the fitness gym on the ship for two days starting today. Since only the top and bottom few groups had been announced, many students would be interested.

As for me, It would be best to check it out so that I can keep an eye on the future.

However, it would be easier to send the list to everyone’s phones, so if they aren’t doing that, it must mean that they don’t want students taking the results home to analyse for a long time. Because of Tsukishiro’s involvement this time, it could be considered a measure to avoid leaving unnecessary evidence.

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There’s a part of me that wants to go check it out right away, but it’s likely that students will be coming in droves, so it would probably be better to give it some time.

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Forgetting about the test results for the moment, I decided to take care of something else. Using my phone, I sent a message to Ichinose. It was a simple request to meet briefly in the evening in three days' time. Of course, it’s easy for her to imagine that it’s in response to the spur of the moment confession I received on the uninhabited island.

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I thought about seeing her and giving my reply right away, but the grueling uninhabited island exam had just ended. It’s okay to let her spend some time regaining her strength and having some fun with her friends.

Since the message wasn’t read yet, I turned off my phone for now.

I decided to see what my roommates, Miyamoto Soshi, Ryoutaro Hondou, and Miyake Akito, would do.

“Hey Ryoutaro, I heard the exam results were announced. Want to go take a look?”

“Hmm…pass… I can’t walk, I’m a wreck. Right now I just want to lie in my bed…”

Not only was he tired, but it was understandable that this bed would take away his energy to move.

The temptation of the bed was too much for all of us, including me.

Hondou, who was particularly exhausted, turned weakly to his left and showed his back.

“You’ve been like that since yesterday.”

“I felt like dying when I moved and I really wanted to eat, but I couldn’t get it down my throat.”