make money from home canada

make money from home canada

It was instead... inversely proportional to the ratio of profitable projects?

Didn’t that mean the greater the investment and the lesser the profits, the more the bonuses would be?

Could reverse incentives work?

Wasn’t that encouraging himself to choose more rubbish projects?

That made Qiu Hong very confused.

Sincerity for the income was already shown.

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Qiu Hong served as a chief planner to make a project with a monthly turnover of 100 million yuan before his entrepreneurial pursuits. That was the highest income he drew in his life, even so, his bonus was just over 100,000 yuan.

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The bonus rule of the company was that the entire development team could only get 3%!o(MISSING)f the project income, and this so-called monthly ‘turnover of 100 million yuan’ was—in fact—bragging in most parts. It did not mean a net income of 100 million yuan.

They had to deduct the share with the platform and channel where the channel took the bulk of the money and deduct marketing expenses—a huge part of which was fudged by his company. Moreover, it was a rather big development team by then. The bonuses were divided by the entire project team. Everyone had a share. As the main planner, the proportion was higher even though it was also limited.

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Counting in all the miscellaneous stuff, the money that they got eventually was just a drop in the ocean.

That was why Qiu Hong was so keen on pursuing entrepreneurship.

He had developed such a successful game for the company, but the company had given him less than one percent of its income. Anyone else would have felt unhappy.

Of course, Qiu Hong’s situation was considered quite good. Many companies did not give a single cent to the research and development team despite their game’s success. Companies like that existed, and they were not the minority.

It was because Qiu Hong noticed this that he concluded that working for others would not bring him much success. Thus, he decided to start his own business.

Then, it didn’t matter whether the game could earn over a hundred million yuan each month or not. As long as it could rake in a few million yuan or more than ten million yuan, his income would be much more than before.