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Is there any 10 investment in online?

“What trick is this! Eh? This means that the game and the thing about Uehara-kun getting depressed are all…”

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“That message was purely fictional. It has nothing to do with the individuals and groups in reality.”

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“Eh? What’s that? An easy-to-pull-off yet extremely fatal act?”

Amano immediately deflated as soon as he heard the truth. Aguri opened the foldable chair right away and let him sit next to her.


As for us three, …we stared at this process as we fell into a whirl of emotions that’s different than yesterday. All we can do is to open our mouth, speechless.

My chest is throbbing unusually. It’s the same as yesterday…However, this kind of throbbing is decisively different than yesterday, it’s not a throbbing of jealousy and suspicion.


Then, maybe it’s because he rushed here too quickly, Amano started coughing since he’s out of his breath. We can’t help but express our worries. He then embarrassingly put his hand out and stopped us. “S-Sorry, I’ll go get some water.” Then, he stood up quickly from his seat and dashed out of the clubroom to the nearest toilet.


As for Tendou, Hoshinomori, and me, we stared at the door where he just left with pale faces…During this time, we’re finally starting to understand.

We understood why Aguri’s so impatient with us today.

Aguri still stared at us dumbfoundedly…Then, she looked at the door where Amano just left as she mumbled, seemingly not trying to blame us.

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“Right, where were we? You guys were talking about who changed his personality? Continue.”


We plopped our head down…It was not until now that an overwhelming sense of embarrassment and regret flushed in our hearts. Aguri looked at us before exhaling slightly and relaxed her face.

“I felt a bit sorry if you guys think that I’m especially close to Amanocchi. But, after seeing that scene, …I think all of you understood, right?”

To Aguri’s words, I lowered my voice and answered. “Yeah…”

“Amano’s just coincidentally rushing for me this time…However, the result will probably be the same even if you switch me for Tendou or Hoshinomori…”