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“…You’re saying that you forgot something at my home from the last time, right?”

“Yeah, e-exactly.”

I stared at him fiercely. Keita started to rub his arms like he’s cold on a summer day and even looked away from me as he answered.

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“Um, I get it. It’s weird for me to take something I forgot from a girl’s house without contacting beforehand. But, allow me to explain.”

“What? I’ll really call the police if I feel offended-“

“Let me ask you this. Chiaki, did you turn on your phone?”


After I heard that, I snapped back to reality and slowly grabbed my phone out from the pocket before I pressed the power button for a few seconds. No response, the battery ran out completely.

Keita let out a big sigh after he saw what I was doing.

“I wanted to contact you from the day before. I texted you at first, but I didn’t get a reply for a day. Then, I tried to call you to no avail. I thought there’s no way for a situation like this to happen, but here we are…By the way, Chiaki, I can’t believe you just left your phone uncharged for two whole days. Perhaps it’s because you don’t have any friends, but don’t you play mobile games as well?”

“Eh? Welp, um, no, how should I put it…”

Keita tilted his head dumbfoundedly when he saw I’m stuttering. While I just stared at my dead phone’s black screen, it is reflecting my startled face clearly.

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“Crap…! After I realized that Yama-san and Tsucchi are both Keita, I distanced myself from mobile games entirely to try to calm myself down to the point that I didn’t touch my phone…!”

“Um, b-beauties like me has to date many boys during the summer holiday, so I don’t have time to check out my phone. I’m busy going to the mountains, to the beaches, and to the theme parks. Phew…”

“Um, your excuse is kinda bullshit.”

“Keita. D-Don’t act as if you know me!”

“Your body.”


I blushed at his bluntness and nearly dropped my freezie, while Keita gave me a cold stare.