What is the virtual thing that can be sold online to make money

What is the virtual thing that can be sold online to make money

Before that happened, he had to make preparations first.

Pei Qian had more than fifty thousand yuan in Personal Wealth; changing some household electric appliances for his family was within his abilities. However, he had to be able to explain clearly where he got the money from.

If he said that he earned it from games, Old Pei was going to go all out against him. Hence, Pei Qian thought about it and decided to first let Old Pei know about the short videos to lay the groundwork. He wanted to let Old Pei know that he was able to earn his own keep now so that Old Pei would not persistently ask about his source of monies.

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After that, Pei Qian would try to slowly change Old Pei’s thinking… to not have such a strong bias against games. He would then tell Old Pei the truth after that, saying that he had opened his own games company.

After surfing the internet for a while, Pei Qian felt very sleepy as he washed up and slept very early.

Pei Qian might not have watched IOI’s competitions and was not very interested in IOI but he could not let go of the opportunity to spend money!

From the looks of it, ICL’s broadcast rights had not been finalized.

Why didn’t they come to an agreement?

It must be because it was expensive.

Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation obviously could not accept that ICL’s broadcast rights were being offered for too low a price. On one hand, it was a matter of face. On the other hand, it was because they had very high expectations for the future of the ICL league.

However, the live-stream platforms were not stupid either. They felt that the popularity of the ICL league up until now was all fake. It was burned out. Spending a lot of money to buy the broadcasting rights would probably incur losses. They definitely had to lower the price.

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Of course, the video of “Coming Out Of The Cocoon Without Becoming A Butterfly” had also greatly increased the bargaining chips for these live-stream platforms.

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However, the problems that troubled other live-stream platforms did not exist for Pei Qian.

The popularity of ICL was fake? Spending a lot of money to buy the broadcasting rights would definitely incur losses?

That was exactly what he wanted!