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“Ah, what? Why not? We’re in the mountains, right? You know, the mountain air is thin, so if I train here and fight in the lower world, it’s like I’ll get even stronger, right?”

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He just threw a wet blanket at my motivation, or rather, if it was the previous Tre’ainar, he would have had me train even during sleep, so why?

『Tis the contrary. Because the air is thin, we cannot perform the same, much less, better high-quality training you had so far. Should that happen, it will inevitably be necessary to lower the training load. High-altitude training can certainly enhance your cardiopulmonary function, but you still need quality training on level ground.』

“I-Is that how it is?”

『Uh huh. Ideally, the body would adapt by sleeping in areas with thinner atmosphere, and then training is performed on a plain field. Tis called ‘Magical Living High Training Row’, but it still requires more than a few weeks for the body to adapt.』

It appeared again, Tre’ainar’s theory.

『If you have already acquired technique and power, and are aiming for a higher level, that training is effective, but you can still grow as much as you want with but a single skill and knowledge. As such, training on level ground, and increasing knowledge while crossing the world on level ground... that should suffice for now.』

As expected, it is Tre’ainar. It’s not that he has become kind, but because he had a proper reason for his judgment.

“Well, then... as it is, we’ll descend the mountain.”

『Tis so.』

I wandered into the forest from Imperial City, met Mr. Aka, reached the town of Honeyborough, and returned to Aka’s house to fight. Also, I fought with Shinobu.

I took a few days’ rest, and am now climbing the mountain and descending to the other side.

Even without a clear goal, my steps were light.

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『Now...... as it concerns, the destination after descending the mountain...... where shall we go?』

“Ah. If I’m just moving over Coconeal Mountain, starting from Honeyborough, if my memory is correct... the town where merchants gather......’Cantidan’...... that’s where.”

I don’t completely remember the geography outside of the Imperial City, so it’s vague.

『Ah, if that is so, I have heard of it. There is a famous market street with hundreds of thousands of merchants opening street stalls. While there were fraudulent crimes of selling counterfeit goods under the guise of legendary treasure, tis a town that could not be crushed due to its economic efficacy.』

“Oh, you knew that, too.”