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She muttered those few words while blushing.

The honorific attached at the end was probably because she is supposed to be my slave.


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I apologized for the time being.

I shouldn’t have looked so intently at the room of a teen girl.

Even I understand that much.

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However, this is a big achievement.

Only after coming to this room, was it possible for us to communicate – successfully.

I decided to start the next conversation, before this speaking atmosphere died down.

「Say, err…」

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「W-What could it be…?」

「How do I put this, umm… why don’t you quit with the honorifics?」

Honestly, honorifics don’t suit Ria-san at all.

I think this is probably because I just saw her『elementary』side awhile ago.

「… I think it would be strange if I, as a slave, don’t use honorifics to address Master. Moreover… I have my own will and pride as a swordsman. I can’t differ from my promise.」

And she turned her face away.

She was a much more stubborn person than I expected.

(Even if you say that… After this, we are going to live together to a certain degree, I would feel suffocated if you keep using honorifics while talking…)