Online penny does not have to invest in how to make money

Online penny does not have to invest in how to make money

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That was because racing was a very money-burning exercise, but it was very popular globally. Players would naturally choose to experience it in the game if they did not have money to run the racing track.

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It would be best if he could choose content that ordinary people often experienced.

What was the content?

Of course, it was to drive in the city!

At the moment, there seem to be two types of most popular racing games. One was a tug-of-war, which was hardcore but completely restored the experience of high-end competitions. The other was to lower the threshold of the game, switch off the car damages, and players could drive freely into the city.

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After all, most people were already very vexed that they had to follow the traffic rules when they went to work and drove. They had to worry at all times not to drive too fast, not to run the red light, not to be stuck on posts. A slight scratch might cost hundreds of yuan to paint. They were trembling in fear.

After work, he would go home and drive to the game. Of course, he had to drive and hit whatever he wanted!

Reverse, chase, and run red lights were all run of the mill.

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. If he could combine these two types of games, shortcomings could be made up, and the least popular content could be combined. Wouldn’t that work?

At that thought, Pei Qian cleared his throat and said, “I have two directions. You can refer to them.”

Everyone stopped their brainstorming and looked over. At the same time, they looked very impressed.

Indeed, the gap between us and Boss Pei was huge!

How long had this brainstorm been going on? Everyone was still discussing and had no thoughts at all. Boss Pei had already chosen the direction for the new game?

Good ideas came naturally to him. Was he a genius game designer?