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On the way home, he ordered Fish-Catching Take-Out. That way, he would receive his order once he arrived back at his dormitory. He could eat and then take an afternoon nap. Life was beautiful.

When he reached the main entrance of his school, his cell phone rang.

“Hello, are you Mr. Yu Hang? Your express delivery is here.”

Yu Hang quickly answered, “Oh, alright. I’ll be right there.”

Yu Hang hung up and mumbled to himself, “Why did they deliver my order so quickly today?”

He had ordered Fish-Catching Take-Out many times in the past. His timing was always just right; once he approached his block, his order would arrive.

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However, they had called him the moment he walked through the school gates today.

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Yu Hang walked briskly back to his dormitory.

When he was approaching his block, his phone rang again. “Hello? Are you Mr. Yu Huang? Your food is here.”

Yu Hang was speechless. “Alright, alright. Stop rushing me; I’m almost there.”

The delivery man responded, “Huh?”

Yu Hang paused. He suddenly realized that this man’s voice sounded different. On further thought, the earlier man seemed to have said that his ‘express delivery’ was here.

Yu Hang quickly said, “Ah, I’m sorry. I got it wrong. Give me a moment; I’m almost there.”

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He hung up, feeling extremely confused. Express delivery? I didn’t order anything recently. Where is this express delivery from?

What’s more, parcels wouldn’t ordinarily be sent to his hostel. Instead, they would be left in a line on a plain field for people to claim them on their own. Why was this delivery being made directly to his block? He was being treated too well!

Yu Hang walked briskly to the first floor of his block and saw the Fish-Catching Take-Out delivery man from afar, dressed in a yellow and blue uniform.

However, there was also a motor tricycle beside this delivery man and another staff with a massive box in front of him.