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“The short winter melon next me, you’re really violating the taboos now. This is sexual harassment. Sigh, what a pain in the ass. This is what a bean sprout little winter melon stinky otaku that talk down a girl looks like…”

“Then, you should be conscious of you speaking ill of me as well! By the way, you exerted a bit more energy in your counterattacks! It’s hard for me to complain about this kind of “1.2 times more powerful” retaliations, you do manage your strength well!”

“Ayyyy, you really are a narrow-minded guy in every bit…O-Of course, I bet your size below is just as narrow as well.”

“That’s too nasty! You even flinched after you made that comment!”

“Oh, I wanted to say something irrelevant, don’t you think your tone of “nasty” sounds like “publishing on time” a bit?” [Note: I have no idea what’s the context of this, so I just translated it literally.]

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“That’s too irrelevant! Do you really need to mention that now!?”

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“So, where were we? I remembered you were saying something along the lines of “If you wanted to know how powerful my bottom is, you have to witness it yourself!”. Then, you prepare to sexually assault me, right?”

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“Woah, this seaweed head is finally making slanderous accusations.”

“…Ah, I’m sorry. I went a bit over there, that one doesn’t count.”

“Yeah, I think my reactions are too ridiculous as well. Sorry, I was complaining too much.”

“…Then, Keita, please stop attacking immediately!”

“Nonono, that’s my line!”

Although we were bickering, our hands never stopped at slapping each other. This is going to hurt my brain if it evolves into another misunderstanding. Still, I’m not usually the type of girl that has physical contact with boys frequently. Keita is the only boy that I dared to, which I guess it’s the same for him. If Tendou-san is in my position, Keita will never react like that. In this sense, Keita and I are meant for each other.

“Oh? W-What’s wrong, Chiaki? You are not…fighting back anymore?”

Keita just yelled, “don’t fight back” a while ago. He suddenly started freaking out when I stopped.

I turned my head away from him and mumbled.

“W-Welp, I-I found out that it’s so disgusting to touch you for the sake of hitting you, I stopped because I can’t take it anymore.”

“A-Am I an Lv.1 enemy that counterattacks with poison…!? You know how damaging a girl is when she yells that “he is too disgusting to even touch on” to a lonely otaku!? …Ouch.”

Keita plopped his head down depressingly.