Send teaching resources to online

Send teaching resources to online

“My father was an aristocrat of the old regime. He was captured during the civil war, and is now imprisoned and his house has fallen into ruin. Until then, I too was surrounded by a lot of girls… and got a little full of myself before that…. I wonder, am I being punished? After my father was imprisoned, the girls around me did an about-face and started speaking ill of me and snickering at my expense… at one point, I had a political marriage arranged with the daughter of an old acquaintance of my father that involved the reestablishment of my family, and I’m only 15, but when the wedding ceremony was being held a few months ago and I was about give a kiss for my vows… the man who is in the schoolyard now showed up and said, ‘This sort of marriage is wrong’. Then stole the bride, and that girl even cried, ‘Take me!’. It was too much, so much that I couldn’t keep up…”

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…… I thought, but I found myself sitting there.

“Hey, wait a minute!!”

From the beginning, I was listening to his story, but I suddenly yelled out.

“What the hell, that bitch! Who runs away in the middle of their wedding? That damned annoying woman!? I mean, who had to pay for the ceremony?”

“From what little assets I had left in the house…”

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“No, no, no, no, it’s not the marriage that’s wrong, it’s the THOT! Talk about troubling others… so, where is that woman now?”

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“Look, out in the schoolyard…”

When Mortriage pointed to the schoolyard from the back of the school building, among the girls flocking the black-haired guy…

“Where did that pervert go? I’ll definitely get him!”

“I’ve incurred divine punishment, haven’t I? Yesterday, we didn’t tell anyone, but… we were on a date, right?”

“Oh, I heard that too! So unfair! I will not allow one person to monopolize that cool guy!”

“Have you forgotten our love alliance? Apart from that, you can’t judge a boy just by his looks… though he is certainly smart looking, but…”

“Senior, is that true? You two were on a date… that’s cheating!”

Somehow, well, I guess it’s one of those… I wonder… I’ve never spoken to them before, but I thought it would be nice if everyone exploded.

“Mortriage is still fine! Me … I found a girl who was lost in the city and when I tried to help find her parents together, I was arrested because they thought it was a kidnapping of a little girl. And the girl seemed to have a sister in my class, and the next day all the girls in the class treated me as a criminal… u, uuugh!”