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「I’ll be back as soon as I’m done.」

Then, I left the two in the schoolyard and turned to the rooftop of the main academy building.

“Boss Pei is indeed Boss Pei. This could be said to be the highlight of this type of game!”

Li Yada was truly impressed as she felt deeply that she still had so much to learn. Of course, the only problem with Boss Pei’s move was it was hard to be discovered.

Li Yada even felt as if the chances of this happening were close to zero.

“Why did Boss Pei choose to hide it so deeply in the game? Was it really because six deaths represented the six realms of rebirth and existence while the seven represented enlightenment?

“That isn’t right. Boss Pei had also lowered all the stats of the old monk; the odds of players dying in the monk’s hands was extremely low.”

If it was the original settings and the old monk was as strong as a miniboss, many players would die repeatedly here and perhaps might actually do so six times speedily.

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That way, this weapon would definitely be discovered.

However, now that the monk’s stats had been so reduced, even those who only had one hand would at most die once or twice by the monk’s hands.

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After all, those who are really crippled would not be able to defeat the other easier monsters in the early stages; they wouldn’t have survived the journey to face this monk.

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“Such a brilliant design, such a unique point of the game; and yet, Boss Pei doesn’t want many players discovering it. Indeed, Boss Pei is that unique.”

Li Yada sighed out emotively.

She had to admit that Boss Pei was not an ordinary designer.

Other designers would try their best to please players. Boss Pei, on the other hand, never bothered if he would be scolded by gamers or not.