Online video live broadcast

Online video live broadcast

He was just about to take an afternoon nap when his cell phone rang again. He picked it up and saw that it was Assistant Xin.

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“Boss Pei, the official platform wants an exclusive interview with you to find out about your thought process behind the creation of your games.” Pei Qian remained silent for a moment. “… I’m very busy now. Can I turn them down?”

The lead designer of Tengda Games, Boss Pei, wanted very badly to turn the official platform down.

The official platform wants an exclusive interview with me to find out about my thought process behind the creation of my games?

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My thought process has been ‘I’m so miserable’!

Every single game I created turned out to be a success. Why is it so difficult to create a loss-incurring game?

Pei Qian was afraid that the official platform would raise many problems with Game Designer and Repent and be Saved. That would be akin to flogging a corpse and re-opening Boss Pei’s old wounds. That would be too difficult to tolerate!

What’s more, wouldn’t an exclusive interview serve to market the games even more? Wouldn’t it drive more players to buy Tengda’s games?

Pei Qian instinctively tried to turn down the opportunity.

Assistant Xin remained silent for a moment and then tried to persuade him. “I think… you should at least turn up.

“It’s an exclusive interview with the official platform after all. Other ordinary game companies can only dream of such an opportunity.

“Until now, the official platform has offered a lot of support to our company as well. I think we have to reciprocate with a certain level of respect.”

For some reason, Pei Qian felt like a pupil who was being persuaded to go to class. Just talking about the support that the official platform had lent Tengda got Pei Qian mad.

Is that what you call support?!