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She immediately put back her serious face as she continued.

“I’ll not hesitate to speak up if I’m joining. I will say I don’t know if there’s a part of gaming that I really didn’t know about. The same goes for the weird part.”

“Come at us. Perhaps it’s good for us when someone that give an opinion from that perspective.

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“Really? That’s good…A-Also! The most crucial premise is that, if Tasuku doesn’t like it, or if it was way too mentally demanding for Hoshinomori-san or Tendou-san. I’ll have to reconsider the offer.”

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“Alright, I got it…Haha, you’re still just as gentle as you used to be.”

“Hehe, it’s alright. Amanocchi, don’t fall for me.”

“Ah, no problem. You really don’t need to worry about that.”

“Uwah…what’s that, I feel really pissed after hearing that.”

I think I made her mad. So, I sighed as I tried to reply.

“Then how about I immediately blush because I care about you, are you satisfied with that?”


“Ay, I’m honest, can you please don’t cover your mouth and try to vomit silently?”

That damage is a couple times more potent than being called a disgusting person. That’s not even a joke.

“Sorry, Amanocchi…I really don’t feel that way to you. Should I say…I can’t accept it biologically…”

“Eh? Why did I just get brutally rejected! Did I do a confession!”

I felt like I’m about to cry. Aguri-san went back to her usual tone as she happily continued.

“Ah, but don’t get it wrong, Amanocchi. When I said I can’t accept you biologically, that doesn’t mean your appearance alone, your immanence counts as well.”

“You’re pretending to be comforting me while going for the kill, how nasty of you! Do you really have to reject me mentally as well!”