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There were dishes like prawns, oranges, salads, etc.

There were exquisite main dishes, including pan-fried steak with roasted onions, asparagus and red-skinned potatoes topped with red wine gravy, or fried black cod with cherry tomatoes, roasted potatoes, and black olives;

There were cheese, fruits, desserts, seafood noodles, chicken cheese sandwiches, and Chinese desserts.

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Apart from that, there was also a breakfast menu, including radishes and scrambled eggs, mushroom and soybean milk, fried dough sticks, chicken and mushroom fried noodles, bacon, pork intestines, pancakes, and so on.

The most amazing thing was that Pan Ying even saw instant noodles on the menu. Perhaps some passengers liked that.

Of course, apart from these, there were also various types of alcohol, including wine, champagne, and so on.

All in all, this menu had already dazzled Pan Ying. He did not know what to order.

However, he was not in a hurry. He still had a long time to consider before the plane took off.

After the plane took off, Pan Ying deeply understood the benefits of business class.

He could freely choose whether to rest or eat first. If he rested first, he could lie down and sleep. After waking up, the air stewardess would ask if he wanted food. If he chose to eat first, he would order dishes, appetizers, entree, main dishes, cakes, ice cream, and so on. If he ate slowly, it was normal to eat for two to three hours.

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Once he was tired, he could lie down and sleep.

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What was different from the economy class was that the seats in the business class could be laid flat at 180 degrees. There would be small blankets, pillows, pajamas, slippers, overnight bags, and so on. The experience of resting was completely different.

When he went to the bathroom to change into his pajamas and slippers, Pan Ying felt much more comfortable. Even though he was in the air, it was not much different from the sofa in his house.

The toothbrush, toothpaste, hand cream, and other toiletries in the overnight bag were all branded. Even the overnight bag was very exquisite and of high quality. Pan Ying did not know that such a small bag alone cost more than a thousand yuan.

Apart from that, some of the accompanying items were completely different from economy class.