2018 online earning project

2018 online earning project

I can’t be happier with you being so willing to spend. But why? What are you spending so much money for?

It would be much more worth it to pay per comment rather than per person!

Hu Xiao just had to do the math to realize that Pei Qian would end up paying over ten thousand yuan if he paid three hundred yuan to each of three or four hundred people. Yet, the problem was that ten thousand yuan would be wasted just like that!

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However, on further thought, Hu Xiao doubted that the UP Master of Hardcore Reviews would mindlessly throw money into asking others to play games when he was so good at marketing.

He must have had his own intentions.

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Thus, Hu Xiao did not question him any further and agreed. “No problem. Don’t worry, we’ll do the job well! I’ll notify my brothers and reply to you soon.”

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After getting the reviewers settled, Pei Qian felt much more stable. Ten thousand yuan was a small figure; it did not hurt to use the System Funds to pay this sum.

Pei Qian knew very well that he could not buy enough reviewers to change the direction of the wind.

Even if hundreds of fake reviewers tried to change the general direction of the comments, they would still prove to be the minority among tens or hundreds of thousands of players.

What’s more, Pei Qian was being restrained by the System. He could not request for the fake reviewers to comment positively or negatively. He could only employ this method to make them comment based on their first impressions of the game.

Pei Qian could be this confident because he knew very well that the fake reviewers would have an extremely bad first impression of Repent and be Saved!

One only had to think for a while to realize that the fake reviewers would not be skilled players. Pei Qian was not even sure if they would be able to figure Repent and be Saved out.

This group of people probably had very a poor experience in gaming. Could they possibly have a good impression of Repent and be Saved?

Thus, Pei Qian had found the perfect loophole in the System’s regulations. Not only had he managed to buy fake reviewers to influence the direction of discussions online, but he also managed to avoid spending his own money for this purpose.

It was perfect!

Ten thousand yuan was not a lot of money, but Pei Qian was interested to see what kind of results he would achieve.

Whether it proved effective or useless, he could continue to spend more money on this.

However, if it backfired… he could hold back and minimize losses.