Do you buy a lamp online?

Do you buy a lamp online?

Pei Qian was actually slightly busy these days.

Game Designer’s final design manuscript had to be finalized. Once the new-year holidays were over, development would officially start.

As for the internet cafe, some preliminary preparations had to be made as well. Decoration and refurbishment works were going to start once the holidays ended. The idea was for the renovations to be complete in one month, for the setup to be ready and for the place to be officially launched.

As for the internet cafe’s name, Pei Qian had already decided on one.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe!

Basically, he hoped that all the employees in this internet cafe would skive daily, so that he can incur losses sooner. Just like ‘Tengda’, this name carried Pei Qian’s desire and wishes.

The last thing he had to settle was the ‘Boss Pei’s Daily Life’ short videos.

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Director Zhu Xiaoce had told Pei Qian that they were going to finish filming the first episode today; they wanted to release it during the holidays.

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To express his sincerity, Zhu Xiaoce had already credited a lump sum of the remuneration for all three seasons’ worth of work into Pei Qian’s bank card; it was thirty thousand yuan in total!

Pei Qian’s Personal Wealth that he could use as he pleased instantly reached fifty thousand yuan!

For Boss Pei—who had never been so rich before, this feeling was very good!

As the saying went… if one took the money, one had to be ready to step up.

Boss Pei had already prepared himself to appear in front of the camera. In the afternoon, Zhu Xiaoce, Huang Sibo, and two other underlings arrived punctually.

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Among all the equipment they brought, the most expensive thing was a DSLR that cost fifty thousand yuan. As for the tripod stand, light screen, and other things; they didn’t cost even ten thousand yuan in total.

Seeing that Huang Sibo was so thrifty, Pei Qian immediately grew a little unhappy.

He wasn’t like a Tengda employee at all!

However, since Zhu Xiaoce had said that all one million yuan would be used up, Pei Qian naturally had no reason to make noise now.

“Boss Pei, this episode is very simple. We just need a few camera shots. You don’t even need to look at the script; there won’t be lines for you. The dubbing will be inputted at a later stage.”