Which media on the Internet make money

Which media on the Internet make money

Pei Qian laughed again.

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You’re in the wrong place then!

My place is an experience shop in name, but in fact, its first goal is to spend money for nothing, and its second goal is to dissuade customers.

You’re here to learn how to dissuade customers?

I have the system, do you?

However, Pei Qian did not say much. In any case, these two would leave with confused expressions once they entered the experience shop and saw the operations of the employees. He did not have to worry that they would make any mistake.

The three of them followed the crowd very quietly and took the escalator up.

He had to admit that even though it was just a trial run, the huge human traffic far exceeded Pei Qian’s imagination. It also confused him.

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Where did so many people come from!

Pei Qian was here a month ago. At that time, Golden Prosperity Square was still quite deserted. It was only a street away from Great World but the traffic was much worse.

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In the end, the traffic was almost the same as the Great World!

“Calm down. It’s the first day of the trial after all. Everyone is very curious. What’s more, Golden Prosperity Square should have done some publicity. It’s normal for there to be a lot of traffic.”

“The traffic will definitely decrease after some time.”

Pei Qian comforted himself silently.

Yao Bo sighed. “As far as I know, Golden Prosperity Square did not intend to specially advertise. All the publicity efforts will be placed in two weeks, which is when the big screen is officially up.”

“I didn’t expect Tengda’s appeal to be so strong. Attracting so many customers just by word of mouth!”

“This is enough to show that the location of the experience shop is very successful. The traffic in the future will definitely not be small! Golden Prosperity Square will make a huge profit!”

Zhou Muyan nodded. “That’s right. Not only is the location of this experience shop good, the renovations and decorations inside are also very good. It looks like a huge piece of art from the outside. If you shop nearby, you will definitely come. How can the traffic be small? It will be very lively in the future!”